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Regenerate the forest, invest in coffee!

Collaborate with a flourishing coffee cooperative of indigenous women to buy a coffee plantation to transform it into an organic agroforestry.

Two months ago, 

Julie went on fieldwork in Nicaragua for her masters in anthropology.

At the end, after a long journey to connect with the earth, she sat down on a piece of land on the top of a mountain, with a little fire and beautiful songs.

On that spot, she promised the earth that she would do everything to protect her. That land is now for sale.

Ready to be protected, detoxified and become fertile again.

This is a start.

Together with Maritza, co-founder of a women's coffee cooperative, we are looking for people who want to lend their capital to invest in the coffee plantation Los Comales.

The plantation is located in indigenous territory of Matagalpa. Eight years ago it was bought by a coffee grower, he used a lot of chemicals to grow the coffee. Now he is selling it again. This is an opportunity to  restore the earth by using agroforestry, where trees and coffee grow together and the land is equally shared by humans and other-than-humans. The result is empowered indigenous women, biodiversity, fresh water, clean air and of course delicious coffee.

We have to be fast, because the land will be bought by investors who seek to use it only for profit without respect for nature and people! 

The world is in need of projects that strengthen the earth, women and indigenous people. 

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Oke, now practical, what are we asking?

This is a call for investment from people who have easy access to money, to help people who have more easy access to land, to save the forest. They need 70.000 dollars, which is 62.670 euro, to buy 8 hectares of land. In 7 years we predict the investment will be paid back. 

Maritza: 'We are committing ourselves to pay back the investment at the end of each coffee harvest that occurs between November and January. These payments will depend on the amount of coffee harvested and market prices. Our proposal would be that 30% of the profits obtained from coffee sales are for reinvestment in coffee. And 70% of the profits are for the refund of the loan’.

What is our motivation?

1. Change: The world is in an ecological and climate crisis. Every piece of land that can contribute to healthy resurgence of the planet is in an urgent need of the time. 

2. Support: This is an opportunity to support an organization that fights for indigenous women’s rights and the sustenance of mother earth. They have won several prizes with their cooperation, because of the quality of their coffee and the way they work.

3. Collaborate: We want to transcend physical boundaries and borders and offer what we have. One has capital, the other has knowledge and geographically interesting land to do agroforestry. Together, we can make change possible.

What will they do with this land?

The non-organic existing coffee plantation will be transformed into an agroforestry. Together, we can provide a possibility of organic agriculture in harmony with nature. The trees capture CO2 (a lot, because it is located at the border of the nature reserve: Bosawas). The soil will  be regenerated and will become fertile again. In this way everyone gets a bit more oxygen and locally it will provide fresh water.

Why do we need the money in the first week of February?

Now, the biggest challenge is to collect the money as quickly as possible. As the owner of the land wants to sell it to the cooperation, but a lot of other candidates are standing in line to buy this land. These ones can earn a lot of money by continuing to grow coffee and using chemicals. Also, they can offer the land to the mining companies for easy money, who will dig gold below the land, which is very damaging to the earth.

Maritza: We, as indigenous women, are trying to safeguard lands that are for sale and that have not yet been intervened by mining companies.

The biodiversity of the forest, and the waters are our priority for the future of indigenous children! 

If we don't buy the land before February, it will be bought by money seekers!

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What's in it for you?

The purpose is to gain as much profit as possible in the fair and ecological sense. You will support:

1. Ecological improvements

2. Climatological improvements

3. Improvement of women’s conditions

4. Indigenous empowerment

5. Stopping mining companies

6. You will make room for the revival of ancestral traditions that got lost during colonisation.

7. You will become part of this community

which means you are welcome on the land.

and! great coffee: D’Yasica

(There is a plan in development to ship (by sailing boats) the coffee to Europe, which will mean that you can buy your own coffee!)

It means that we ask for a loan with an interest of 1%. This safeguards your money and safeguards the cooperative to act within the terms of the earth. Not to grow financially but ecologically . This is an answer on the ever growing capitalistic system, which systematically is exploiting people and the earth.

We believe in collaboration and equality. All participants are important and have an equal voice, both in and outside of Nicaragua. 

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