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Welcome to the community of Los Comales!

By investing you immediately become part of the community.

In indigenous tradition building a community is essential to making change happen.

Even if you are not a strong believer of spirituality, you are invited to join us!

We respect all wishes and needs. Do not let it hold you back, because this is the way of living practiced by our friends in Nicaragua. 

Community: Welcome

What does it mean to be part of a community?

First of all, Maritza will sit at the fire for you, puting good intentions so the spirit of the earth and the big spirit of the unknown will be grateful for you. Energy will flow to you.

Secondly, it means that you are always welcome to visit the project and stay at the rancho aka 'the big house',  where Julie also stayed during her research. You can experience the ceremonies they do in daily life. Like a temazcal (sweat lodge), tobacco circles, singing, traditional dances and many more.*

Be mindful

*we discourage you to go just for a week or two to visit the project by plane, regarding the big amount of CO2 the travel is costing. We prefer taking a sailing boat or taking the chance to discover Nicaragua or the project fully through a longer stay.


On this page, updates will be given through images, video’s and quotes.

Facebook group

We also created a Facebook group to exchange thoughts and inspire one another– because of your interest, there is already a common ground to share.

Community: FAQ


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Community: Welcome
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