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We are looking for people with capital to give a solidarity loan to buy land for a indigenous women's cooperation. They will maintain the land, let the coffee and the forest grow organically and harvest the coffee. The profit that is made after costs and reinvestment will be put apart to pay back the investors. The prediction is that everything will be paid back within seven years. This varies depending on weather conditions and price of the coffee.

All investors will have a contract with the foundation 'stichting We Are Nature', based in Amsterdam who has a contract with the Cooperative Agropecuaria de Servicios Tonanzintlalli R.L. 


Give us a loan

  •  This is preferably a number multiplied with 500 euros, to keep it clear. Contact us if you want another amount, we can be flexible.


Get the contract

  • Ask you for the loan, once we gathered the right amount of money.

  • Expected payback terms.
    We will divide the profit every year between the investors
    In our calculation after 7 years everything should be earned back.​ *​

  • Interest is 1% every year on the remaining amount

  • There is the back-up of the land if there is a crisis and the cooperation has to stop. In that case the land will be paid back by the cooperation or will be sold and the remaining money will be divided between the investors.

  • Be aware that due to unforeseen extreme circumstances as natural disasters or war, the payment could not be payed back. 


Transfer the money

The goal is reached!

  • You will receive the contract and the way of payment.

  • You pay and enjoy your contribution of the project

For the work of our organisation donation is also possible.

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People donated until now

62 700

Invested until now


Of our goal is reached

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Stichting We are Nature

Here you can find the official record of the foundation 'We Are Nature'


Cooperative Agropecuaria de Servicios Tonanzintlalli R.L.

Here you can find the official document of the cooperative 'Cooperative Agropecuaria de Servicios Tonanzintlalli R.L.'


Costs Organization

We are running this project voluntarily, the costs are entirely covered by the members of the organisation. See the details of our running costs below.

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