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Saving the Forest in Nicaragua

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In Nicaragua, the aftermath of the crisis in 2018 has brought on an economic crisis. The crisis has been made worse due to further economic losses caused by the Covid- 19 pandemic. 
As a result, mining companies are coming to indigenous territory in Matagalpa, in the natural reserve of Bosawas to convince the local owners of the land to sell their forests, so they can extract gold from these areas. They are exploiting the vulnerable situation of the locals, as they have no other alternatives to sustain themselves. The exploitative miners are employing illegal extraction methods e.g., bombs to extract the gold and other minerals. However, they are falsely reporting it as artisanal mining, which is allowed by the government. 
The forest in Nicaragua is part of reserve Bosawas, which is the largest rainforest of central America, but the forest reserves are exhausting quickly. The forest represents more than the flora and fauna of the area, it is the backbone of the culture of the local protectors of the forest. It is the basis of their rituals, trades, traditions and so much more. The loss of the forest is more than a loss of the bio- diversity but also the culture that emerges from it.

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Conserve the forest

Support the Co- op and the sustainable production of coffee

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Keep the forest traditions and rituals alive

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