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Maritza Gonzalez

Cofounder cooperation Nicaragua

Maritza is one of the co-founders of the cooperation Tonanzintlalli. She lives in la Laguna, next to the land we will buy. She is an indigenous women activist who traveled the world to spread her message. Maritza is also a spiritual leader organizing temazcales, circles of tobacco an much more.

Maritza is, together with Julie, initiator of the project and will make sure everything goes well in Nicaragua

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Julie Kurris

Initiator project Holland

Julie is a theater artist and studies anthropology. For her research she went to Nicaragua. There she discovered how a human being can reconnect with nature through rituals. She met Maritza, the co-founder of the cooperation and lived with her. There they became good friends. This gave Julie the vision to give something back for all the wisdom she gathered.

Julie is, together with Maritza, initiator of the project.

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Supporter project Holland

Helena studied Future Planet Studies and International Development Studies. But had difficulties with how 'we in the West' think about developing countries as less. So she hasn't started a carreer in this. When she met Julie in the sauna, she knew right away that this project is right up her ally. A project where we see each other as equals. Where the environment and all living beings are as important as the people. Where we open ourselves to the beyond... Maritza and the other women are the inspiration for this and I would love to meet them one day.

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Sundas Shahid

Supporter project Holland

Sundas is an architect and an urbanist and has dabbled with many fields and disciplines. She is passionate about working with nature and communities. When Julie did a traditional ceremony for her, and sang to her songs of the ocean, stars and the forest that she had learnt in Nicaragua, she knew she had to help out and become part of the project to conserve what is left of los comales and the local people’s connection to it.



Drawer of the paintings

Amber is a drawer and painter. She loves to contribute to projects like this, because she fully supports it and gets a lot of inspiration.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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